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Although the transformation from ordinary yard to extraordinary landscape might seem like magic, our design process actually is quite straightforward, so you will always know where your project stands… what's next… and why.

Our work begins with an informative meeting at your home. We will ask a lot of questions and listen well to be sure we understand your needs, wishes, lifestyle, and budget; and offer ideas and insights specific to your site. We will show you work samples that may be similar to your project, and describe the services we provide (or don't). We also will provide you with references who can share their experiences of working with Verdance; and if you need any additional referrals — for landscape contractors, architects, or even other designers — we'll gladly provide those for you as well.

If you agree that Verdance is the best choice to design the landscape that will bring you joy every day, we will prepare a written proposal detailing our services and fees. Upon your acceptance, we'll begin collecting and analyzing information about your site, including measurements, slopes, microclimates, adjacent conditions, and any ordinances or laws that might affect your property.

Next, we'll compose a design program and functionality plan, to ensure that your space is as hard-working as it is good-looking. The culmination of all this work is the conceptual (or "schematic") design that illustrates for you the essential elements and overall style of your new garden, including types of plants, special features, hardscape materials, color palettes, and structural examples.

This design will be developed until you are satisfied with every aspect, at which point Verdance will prepare the final documentation for your new garden — everything from detailed planting plans to conceptual hardscape sketches, irrigation zoning, recommendations for lighting effects, and specifications for furniture and accessories. These details will help you select the licensed landscape contractor who best fits your project, and work with them to accurately estimate installation costs and scheduling. They also represent the conclusion of Verdance's role as designer; but even after they have been presented to you, we remain committed to providing every service you need to bring that design to life, including sourcing materials, monitoring their installation, and providing guidance for their care.

For more detailed information on any phase of our process, please contact Verdance today. We want you to get to know us… and we certainly look forward to getting to know you.

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