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Home: An overview of our landscape design and consulting services.

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About: The many services Verdance provides throughout the Bay Area.back to top

  • People: Our staff, associates, and affiliations.
  • Reviews: What people are saying about us.
  • Philosophy: The beliefs that guide our approach.
  • Process: How we work, from the first meeting through installation and beyond.
  • FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions about Verdance and landscape design.

Portfolio: Under construction. Please visit Houzz.com to see some of the gardens and landscapes we have designed.back to top

Resources: A thorough collection of on- and off-line resources that will help you enjoy your garden to the fullest, including:back to top

  • Plants: Bay Area nurseries and garden supply centers, plus online- and mail-order sources for plants, seeds, and bulbs. Sources for California native plant sales.
  • Amenities: Coming soon…
  • Gardens: Coming soon…
  • Reference: Coming soon…

Site Map: You are here.

Contact: How to reach Verdance online, by phone or by mail.

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