Our work, and the people who do it, are guided by seven core values. Perhaps they resonate with you as well:


We begin with the end in mind and imbue our work with a sense of purpose and intention. We uphold our explicit and implicit commitments, and seek and embody truth, respect and kindness.


We are open to knowledge, change and correction, without fear or shame. We cultivate a beginner's mindset to continually expand our awareness. We respond appropriately to feedback and own the consequences of our actions and inaction.


We encourage curiosity, imagination, exploration and play to inspire ourselves and others. We believe in our — and others' — innate potential for unique expression.


We take responsibility for enriching our environment, and advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. We seek to conserve natural resources, and champion efficiency. This year we will donate 10% of our profits to environmentally-focused organizations.


We work in harmony with others, including natural forces. We know what matters most and differentiate between “urgent” and “important." We believe a healthy environment fosters our own wellness and the achievement of our potential.


We enjoy creating fine experiences and products for our clients and ourselves. We surround ourselves with extraordinary people and materials, and distinguish our firm by delivering superior service, insightful solutions and exceptional execution.


We are enlivened by our work, and our product and process delight our clients. We solve problems with humor and grace. We seek light and lightness in our work, our relationships, and within ourselves. We exemplify positivity to others and our world.