Our process is thorough and methodical, to deliver each client a beautiful, uniquely personal landscape they love to come home to. The phases of our work are:


Design Consultation & Proposal

Our work begins with a consultation at your home to discuss your wishes, identify your site’s challenges and opportunities, suggest appropriate design directions, and provide resources and strategies to help you move forward. The consultation is billed hourly, with most lasting about two hours. After the scope of work has been defined, we can send you a proposal detailing our services and fees. Please note that while the consultation does not oblige you to continue with Verdance, in consideration of your time and money we generally only schedule consultations for projects that are closely aligned with our strengths. To determine whether a landscape design consultation is the right first step for you, please read about who typically achieves the best results working with Verdance.


Predesign & Site Analysis

Upon your acceptance of the proposal, we build on the information taken in during the design consultation, developing "idea books" and sourcing precedents. We will measure, map and analyze your site, including adjacent and environmental conditions, and research municipal ordinances that may affect your project. Ultimately we'll draft a base plan of the existing landscape, which provides the foundation for our conceptual exploration.


Schematic Design Concepts

Especially if we’re creating new outdoor living spaces for you, we will want to sketch several concepts that explore how the spaces may best relate to each other and to your home. These schematic diagrams will show the primary features we propose, including circulation patterns and lines of sight. With your feedback, we’ll either develop additional schemes or identify one direction to evolve into the Preliminary Design.


Preliminary Design

The Preliminary Design embodies our master vision for your landscape. Drawn to scale, it shows all the major hardscape and landscape elements, including primary features and types of plants. Along with additional drawings or images to help convey the look and feel we envision, you’ll get a clear picture of our design intent, with enough information for a landscape contractor to estimate installation costs.


Design Development

With your approval of the Preliminary Design, Verdance will develop the specifics of the plan and help you find landscape contractors with the appropriate expertise. Based on preliminary cost estimates, we’ll update the Preliminary Design as needed and identify the materials that best suit your tastes and budget — from paving and plantings to fixtures, furnishings, lighting effects and other details.


Construction Documentation

Verdance will prepare detailed installation drawings for you to bid with one or more landscape contractors. These typically include a layout plan including locations and finishes of the built features; a planting plan including the locations, names and quantities of all new plants, with an irrigation plan if necessary to satisfy your local WELO (water efficient landscape ordinance) requirement; a lighting plan including fixtures and desired effects; and any other information such as furnishings, containers, or other accessories that will complete the design.


Installation Support

Throughout installation, Verdance remains on hand to coordinate the project, answer questions, make adjustments, and provide any other guidance to ensure your new landscape thoroughly delights you. Even when your contractor’s work is done, ours isn’t: we can find you a great maintenance gardener, purchase additional plants or accessories, or help you understand how your garden will perform over time.